Tonel Topical Oil?

Fungi Cure?

ControlTonel Control?FungiCure Control
0.004gTonel .04g?FungiCure 04g
0.008gTonel .08g?FungiCure 08g
0.015gTonel .015g?FungiCure 015g
0.03gTonel .03g?FungiCure 03g
0.0625gTonel .0625g?FungiCure 0625g
0.125gTonel .0125g?FungiCure 0125g
0.25gTonel .025g?FungiCure 025g
0.50gTonel .05g?FungiCure 05g
TONEL topical oil treatment (Origanum, menthol, grape seed oil) vs. FUNGI CURE (Undecylinic acid). Organism: Trychophyton rubrum, ATCC 28188. Medium: SDA. Method: Dissolution of weighed portion agent into molten agar, application of cube of inoculum after solidification, incubation at 25?C for 10 days.