Tonel was Clinically Proven

in a Consumer Study …

Superior Product Innovation

Tonel is an oil-based fungicidal formula shown in independent lab tests to be more effective than market leading products. Tonel has also been clinically demonstrated to improve appearance and reduce or eliminate involvement in 4 key areas:

  1. Toe nails
  2. Interdigital/intertrigonal
  3. Plantar
  4. Dorsal

Superior Oil-Based Formula

Tonel’s patented oil-based formula allows deep and lasting penetration into the affected areas. Better still, the Tonel formula is all-natural.

Superior Product Delivery/Presentation

Tonel is nitrogen sealed in medical grade, air-tight ampoules. This enables delivery of fresh, non-degraded forumula to the affected area(s).
The durable ampoules are easy to use and travel well.